Why “EN 3000” Is The Key To Fast Fluency!

The traditional language learning methods that are taught usually focus on the “more is better approach”.

Studying as many words as you can, every possible conjugation and all it’s seemingly endless irregulars!

With little to no regard for the actual goal…

Which can leave you confused, not hitting your target fluency goals and feeling like…”It will take me years to learn all this!”

And for most of us, the goal is real conversations, with real people, in the real world… right?

But did you know?  That you actually only need a vocabulary of 3000 words to speak completely fluently in 94% of real-life situations!

A study conducted by Brigham Young University, USA has scientifically proven by analyzing 20,000,000 Spanish words…

That if you concentrate on learning the 3000 most commonly used words

You can communicate completely fluently in 94% of real-life situations!

In fact, according to the research even with a smaller goal of only the top 1000 words, you can communicate completely fluently in 87.8% of real-life situations.

But if you are here and reading this, you’re serious about getting as fluent as you can!

Given that the average native English speaker knows between 20,000 and 50,000 words…

I feel that the goal of only 3000 words in Spanish is very achievable for us! And it makes a lot of sense to me to be concentrating on stuff like this and not worrying too much about the textbook vocabulary…

That’s why we’re called Español en 3000!

Where it makes sense and it’s practical we base everything we produce on these 3000 most common words.

We do that by principally basing all the resources on real-life native conversations. There’s no scripting or dumbing down for language learners.

But we also consider the “EN 3000” more of a philosophy that all Spanish learners should live by during their journey to complete fluency.

Concentrate on the most commonly used stuff and don’t waste time on what you don’t need.

Because you are always going to come across words, phrases, and expressions that are not in the top 3000.

So concentrating on the most commonly used vocabulary, verb tenses, and conjugations for you, your personal situation and the locations you want to use your Spanish is always the best approach.

To make maximum progress in the shortest amount of time!

Which is what it’s all about, right?

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