About Español en 3000

I’m Shay Spence, an Australian guy and the founder of Español en 3000. I arrived in Medellín, Colombia in June 2017 on my own personal mission to conversational Spanish fluency.

But after I advanced past the beginner’s stage I really struggled to find great resources to study real-life conversational Spanish!

After working closely with some amazing local teachers, I decided to build my own! And that was actually an early version of the Español en 3000 we have here today.

For most of us, the goal is to have real-life conversations with real people, in the real world… right?

And we believe that once you advance past the beginners stage you need to move as quickly as possible to studying natural real-world conversational Spanish!

The scripted, dumbed-down-for-students stuff, that is used in the majority of language learning programs is great for the beginners and to teach specific grammar points or verb tenses, etc… But it won’t teach you conversational fluency!

The fast track to conversational fluency is to study real-life conversations and even more importantly HAVE as many real-life conversations as you can!

Our vision is to create the best study resources (that don’t really feel like studying) for the Spanish learner that is serious about conversational fluency.

And I feel that we are achieving our vision!

Meet The Team

José Santiago Zapata Muñoz
Host & Spanish Teacher

José is what you might call a language learning-teaching superhero! He speaks native Spanish, fluent English, fluent Brazilian Portuguese and teaches all these languages professionally in a private university here in Medellín, Colombia. We can definitely say he is a very experienced language learner and that makes him an amazing teacher! He also brings so much fun and excitement to our community. Just take a listen and you will find out!

Laura Victoria Bedoya Garcés
Host & Spanish Teacher

Laura is literally a ton of fun in real-life and it shows in all the conversations and mini-lessons she records! She is a lover of the Spanish language and especially Spanish literature. She is also a very proud vegetarian and animal lover. She is our woman in the field finding the most interesting people she can find to talk to and bringing those conversations to our community. Just take a listen and quickly you will love her as much as we do!

Catalina Ángel Madrid
Spanish Teacher & Proofreader

Catalina is our super proofreading champion! She helps us make sure we have all the transcriptions 100% perfect, all our accents are in the right place, and all that fun stuff in Spanish. She also works with the teachers to help, where she can, to make the best possible mini-lessons for our premium members. Catalina also works at a private university here in Medellín as a Spanish teacher and also gives private classes online and in person. She also practices a minimalist lifestyle – which we think is pretty cool!

Proudly Built With Love In Medellín, Colombia.

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