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Made in the streets, bars, cafes, homes, universities and more of Medellín, Colombia 🇨🇴



Fun Real-Life Native Conversations And Ultra Practical Mini Lessons Ready To Study – Anytime, Anywhere!


We have 15 seasons of episodes, transcriptions and mini-lessons and with each one you get a new conversation, new person and a new story.

All recorded on the ground here in Medellín, Colombia with locals and different people from all over Latin America.

Real-Life Native Conversations

Enjoy our episodes of real-life conversations with the coolest and most interesting people from here in Medellín, Colombia!

You won’t find textbook Spanish here and it won’t always be perfect grammar… Our episodes feature real-life native Spanish that’s spoken in everyday life.

Fluency Training Transcripts

Our turbo typing transcribers make a word by word transcription for all our conversations. Because something amazing happens when you listen to the audio and read the conversation at the same time…

It’s almost like downloading new words, grammar, and correct pronunciation into your brain!

Train Your Listening Skills

The speed of native conversations can be hard at times! So it’s essential to train your listening ears with the level that’s best for you.  So our tech nerds built an awesome conversation speed control system and we use it on all our audio!

Start off slow and in no time you will forget the thought of… native people speak so fast.

Ultra Practical Mini-Lessons

As the final step, our professional Spanish teachers pull out all the most important and useful grammar, expressions and vocabulary from the conversations.

They then build that into a quick and ultra practical mini-lesson based only on the most common and useful stuff! The type you can use straight away in your real world conversations.

What People Are Saying

What I love most about Español en 3000 is the practicality of the conversations, it’s stuff you can actually use! The ability to slow down and speed up the conversation is an excellent tool that will definitely improve my listening capabilities. The accompanying transcript and mini-lesson at the end is also a fantastic learning tool.

- Jess McDermott, Australia

Español en 3000 is a great platform to keep learning when you have a decent level of Spanish. I found the discussion topics engaging and the short lessons focused and insightful. Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced learners. I particularly liked the way the topics covered give you a better understanding of the local culture.

- Anthony Kyshido, UK

Español en 3000 is a great way to work on your listening comprehension while simultaneously learning about different Spanish-speaking cultures, and what's more, you're learning from natural conversations between native speakers - which is the fastest way to conversational fluency!

- Andrew Tracey, USA


¡Vamos al campo!

¡Vamos al campo!

Como es de rico sentarse a conversar tranquilamente en un parque y hablar sobre la vida, recordar momentos, contar nuestras historias pero, sobre todo, conocer personas hermosas...
La Michelada Mexicana y Más…

La Michelada Mexicana y Más…

Dicen las malas lenguas que en México TODO lo comen con picante, ¿Y en Colombia? Que todo lo comemos con dulce, que las micheladas allá parecen un sancocho y a los sancochos les echan...
El metro de Medellín

El metro de Medellín

¡Qué más pues! Ave maría, expresiones muy paisas, muy colombianas, tanto como lo es el metro de Medellín. Hoy hablaremos sobre este tema. Bienvenidos a Español en 3000...

Proudly Built With ❤ In Medellín, Colombia.


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